Smederevo Vineyard

The Smederevo Wine Region encompasses the hilly terrain of Smederevo Podunavlje and its hinterland, consisting of three parts separated by the valleys of the Ralja and Konjska rivers.

Janko is one of the oldest and most respected wineries in Serbia, and it comes from the Smederevo vineyard. It is known for returning Smederevka to the ranks of quality wines. It is also known for the Cyrillic labels and the use of Serbian oak barrels from around Majdanpek.


Dragan Vasić

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The winery’s owner started his private business by founding a company that deals with the import- export of industrial parts, and shortly after that, the idea of investing in viticulture and establishing a winery arose.


Radoslav Radojević

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When the winery’s owner, Bojan Janković, brings his first memories from the vineyard, it is a known recipe for success. That skill of creating the finest red wines began to go upward in 2010 when the Mons Aureus winery started its expansion.


 Bojan Janković

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Many stories have been told about wine. Wine told even more stories, poetry, and love. Beautiful wines speak beautifully. They have the Courage to talk about Joy and to release Wisdom.


Miloš Panjković

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I was born in Smederevo on January 14, 1994. years. I studied at the Faculty of Agriculture in the department of fruit growing and viticulture, which is my profession today. Today, I successfully perform several jobs in the winery, and my main goal is to raise our wines’ quality level.


Marko Mišić

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A journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step. The first step of creating Švabić Winery took place in 2020, and we know how much courage it took to venture into any business venture amid the coronavirus pandemic.


Stojković Milica

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The winery’s owner, Zoran Gitarić, has been engaged in agriculture, on the family estate, and inventive activities related to agricultural machinery since childhood. In the beginning, it was mainly arable and vegetable growing, and in 1988 he decided to start a winery and distillery project.


Zoran Gitarić

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The Hrabro srce winery (Brave heart winery) is one of the youngest in the Smederevo region. Registered in 2020, and two years later the first plantings sprouted with the ambition to produce 5,000-10,000 litres of quality wine in the coming years.


Stefan Jovanović

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Jeremić is one of the most respected wineries in Serbia, an architectural masterpiece, located in Jugova – between Grocka and Smederevo. The spirit of art, development energy, and an expert team of technologists, leave a stamp of reliability on every visit and every bottle of wine.


Slavoljub Jeremić

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Ivan Mladenović

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