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Jeremić is one of the most respected wineries in Serbia, an architectural masterpiece, located in Jugova – between Grocka and Smederevo. The spirit of art, development energy, and an expert team of technologists, leave a stamp of reliability on every visit and every bottle of wine.


Jeremić Winery is located in Smederevo-Jugovo, 40 km from Belgrade. What used to be homemade winemaking for the needs of family and friends has been replaced by a modern winery that applies traditional methods with the latest equipment and keeps pace with new expertise.

Wine and vine faithfully represent the value of a region, a people, and the creative spirit within it. Vineyards are more than just the result of labour; they have their unique balance, and they yield a product of corresponding quality. Through tending to vineyards, a special connection is created between people and vines. With the utmost dedication and experience, communication between the two can be achieved. This is why each wine resembles its producer, representing their spiritual and creative values, both virtues and imperfections.

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