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The winery’s owner, Zoran Gitarić, has been engaged in agriculture, on the family estate, and inventive activities related to agricultural machinery since childhood. In the beginning, it was mainly arable and vegetable growing, and in 1988 he decided to start a winery and distillery project.


Vinarija Dionis, odnosno VInarija i destilerija Gitarić, nalazi se u smederevskom selu Dobri Do. Tu, na ulazu u Šumadiju, preci Dionis Winery, or Gitarić Winery and Distillery, is located in the Smederevo village of Dobri Do. At the entrance to Šumadija, the Gitarić family’s ancestors settled here several centuries ago and have always been involved in agriculture. Their family estate mainly focused on intensive farming, vegetable cultivation, and livestock, with vineyards and orchards being an indispensable part of every serious rural household in the region, where good wine and brandy were cherished. In 1988, the founder of our cellar decided to dedicate himself more seriously to the cultivation of high-quality fruit and grapes and their conversion into wines and brandies. This marked the beginning of the construction of a purpose-built winery in 1989 and the expansion of orchards, which now cover 11 hectares, and vineyards of up to 6.5 hectares. We have always used our fruit and grapes for production. We produce varietal wines such as Smederevka, Italian Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Tamjanika, Muscat Hamburg, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Prokupac.



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