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Many stories have been told about wine. Wine told even more stories, poetry, and love. Beautiful wines speak beautifully. They have the Courage to talk about Joy and to release Wisdom.


On the slopes of Zlatni Breg near Smederevo, vineyards have been cultivated since the time of the Romans. The vine found its home here, soaking up the sun and reflecting in the Danube. It hosted the important and fed the worthy for centuries. Even the Serbian Prince Miloš Obrenović bought an estate here and built a summer residence.

A lot has been said about wine, and even more poetry and love stories have been told through wine. Beautiful wines tell beautiful stories. They dare to speak joyfully and liberate wisdom. Their story began in 1960. Miloš Panjković had the courage and wisdom to expand vineyards and establish a winery that still bears his name. He had the energy to consolidate mineral terrain, mild climate, sun, and the breath of the Danube into grapes and turn them into wine. They say that time cannot be stopped. It can. In a wine glass that remembers the year of harvest, memories come to life.

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