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The winery's owner started his private business by founding a company that deals with the import- export of industrial parts, and shortly after that, the idea of investing in viticulture and establishing a winery arose.


Plavinac Winery is located on the slopes of the eponymous area in Smederevo. The name comes from numerous vineyards that once covered this area. Since grapes were sprayed with blue vitriol, the entire area turned blue after the work was done, hence the name.

Today, they have 11 hectares of vineyards with 20 different grape varieties, producing over 50,000 litres of wine annually.

Plavinac Winery is still under construction and is spread over approximately 1200 square meters of the cellar, 900 square meters of ground floor production space, and 800 square meters on the first floor, designed for tastings and celebrations for dear guests who will have the opportunity to enjoy not only wine and specialities but also the view of their vineyards and the Danube.

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Corner of Vojvodina and Herzegovina
11300 Smederevo
+381 63 10 41 104