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Plavinci is the only organic winery in the Belgrade region and the only winery in the Gročan vineyard. It produces wines from resistant varieties that have unusual noise and aroma. Around 3,000 bottles are produced annually, intended for a few exclusive restaurants and regular customers.


Plavinci Winery is nestled on the slopes of the eponymous hill in the Gročan Vineyard. On 1.25 hectares, they grow Marselan, Muscaris, Panonia, Regent, and Tamjanika grape varieties, from which they produce five to six labels, depending on the year. The total production does not exceed 5,000 litres per year. From the very beginning, the winery has operated under organic production principles.

Plavinci Winery follows agroecology and sustainability principles. Everything we do is focused on increasing the biological diversity of their environment and preserving soil fertility for future generations. We take care of our health and the health of our workers. We avoid synthetic chemicals in both the vineyard and the winery. The numerous gold, silver, and bronze medals at international competitions prove that this approach to production can yield top-quality wines. The wines are certified as organic and vegan.

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Zavojice third approach151, Grocka
11352 Belgrade
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