Two heirs, thus also two wineries, but inextricably linked, next to each other and as if mirrored, with the working names Mrvaljević and Miraculix, resembling that famous drink that gives Asterix and Obelix superhuman strength.


Two successors, and hence two wineries, but inseparably connected, side by side, and mirrored with working names Mrvaljević and Miraculix, like the famous potion that gives Asterix and Obelix superhuman strength.

The Mrvaljević have three hectares of land, with half of it currently covered by vineyards. They have been making wine since 2004 but have never sold a single bottle. They have exclusively given them as gifts and enjoyed them with friends in the company of quality wine.

With the idea to commercialize their story, they relied on the practices of the greatest wine masters from the Provence region of France and Italy. They strive to learn from the best and transfer the excellence of their creations to Serbian soil. An example is the rosé wine Whispering Angel, a world bestseller. The original project was from Provence, a rosé made from four or five grape varieties, which the Mrvaljević have successfully reproduced.


hectares under vineyards




Njegoševa 54, Belgrade
11000 Belgrade
+381 63 44 57 60