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Lazović Winery began its story on Kosmaj in the village of Nemenikuće. When an idea is born out of pure love, it rarely fails to become a reality. As a great wine enthusiast, Vladica Lazović has been involved in grape processing for years and is the creator of the first grape-based balsamic vinegar in Serbia. With fond memories from childhood when his grandfather’s wine cellar in the rural household gathered family and friends, he wanted to continue the tradition of wine and fruit brandy production himself.


When he looks into the future, his vision is crystal clear… Vladica knows what lies there. An impressive winery adorned with its own geographical origin, followed by wine exports. Because when you are firmly determined to turn an idea into reality, the word “impossible” is erased from your dictionary.


hectares under vineyards




Bastavska bb, Nemenikuće
11000 Belgrade
+381 63 29 40 28