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The pioneer of sparkling wine in Serbia according to the champagne method and the only winery from the Avalsko-Kosmajsko vineyard.
Their bubbles are too expensive for the Serbs’ wine budget, therefore all the quantity is exported. Aleksandar is also a recognized oenologist.

Emporio Winery

When we say Emporio Winery, we think of strength, expertise, and quality! Besides the fact that this hedonistic oasis on Avala has existed for a whole decade now, it embodies the knowledge, passion, and dedication of one of the greatest connoisseurs of wine and viticulture in Serbia.

The founder, Aleksandar Stojaković, is not just the owner of Emporio Winery; he is also a viticulturist, a consultant for many Serbian wineries, and an importer of wine equipment. Thus, he is well-versed in every aspect of the wine-making process, from start to finish, from A to Z, using this knowledge in producing the perfect white, red, and sparkling wines, which have become the hallmark of Emporio Winery.

When Italy and its wineries feel like a second home, and the best Italian prosecco-makers reveal their secrets, it's no wonder that people constantly come back to Emporio for the sparkling wines after the first sip.



hectares under the vineyards




Avalska 308, Ripanj
11232 Belgrade
+381 65 54 48 404