Agapi is a small family winery with a clear vision and big goals. It’s located on the old Belgrade Road 2, in Zaklopača, not far from Belgrade, and has been in operation since 2022. Owner Vladimir Radovanović and his family have deep roots in this region; the Radovanović generations had their vineyards, and Vladimir wanted to continue that tradition. A few years ago, the renovation of old estates began, and on the path to this goal, he found a blend of pleasure and a business endeavour that enriched his family’s life. The Radovanović say, “Returning to nature and socializing over wine is the path we’ve taken, and Agapi is where wine holds the truth, and love brings salvation.”


All activities of the Agapi winery are carried out by the combined efforts of the entire family – from planting and cultivation, to taking care of the plantation, to the final harvesting of the fruits and making wine, that magnificent drink of the Gods. The main goal is to create an exceptional product that all devotees and lovers of quality wine will be able to enjoy, and the ultimate self-sustainable production of the finest wine products. And when you start gradually, like the Radovanovići, from a small family winery with a view of the beautiful banks of the Danube, created for enjoyment, and when you breathe love and passion into every cocoon, then success and progress are guaranteed.

The old vineyards were cleared this year, and from the spring of 2024, the Agapi winery will be able to boast a new, modern vineyard. The first one will be 30 acres for now, although Vladimir and his family have four hectares of land. This is a clear confirmation that the Agapi winery is making the right, unpretentious moves, because they want to overcome the challenges of a small plantation and establish a small, but primarily high-quality production. The long-term plan is to expand to an area of 10 hectares.

For now, the Agapi winery has a registered Petit Grain whose production will begin in 2024. Cabernet Franc and Frankincense planting material has also been ordered.

When their Cabernet Franc and Muscat Petit Grain color your day, when their aromas and drinkability make you want to return to them and want to repeat this experience again and again, it will be one of the many victories of the Agapi winery.


hectares under vineyards




The old Belgrade road 2, Zaklopača
11000 Belgrade
+381 63 70 95 520